Cristal Vibrations

by Paige Donner This title actually began as a chapter heading for my journal entry about my visit to Champagne Louis Roederer in Reims. But I liked it so much that I’m using it here, too. It just works so beautifully. It describes simply what Cristal, the legendary champagne by Roederer, is all about. Or, more precisely, what … Continue reading Cristal Vibrations

Today Is Biodynamic Flower Day

Today Is Biodynamic Flower Day

Courtesy of Organic Matters, Ireland’s Organic Magazine


Bio-dynamic gardeners, followers of the principles of Rudolf Steiner, believe that the movements of all theheavenly bodies, moon, planets and stars have an influence on the growth and development of all plants CF798ZHFX7YG . So the time you chose to sow, plant or even weed your plants will affect their progress. The moon, the stars and the planets all affect the development of our plants.

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San Francisco Sustainable Foods Summit Calls For Greater Transparency

Sustainable Foods Summit San Francisco, click HERE for FULL Story and Pictures Sustainable Foods Summit, San Francisco (London) January 28, 2011 – The North American edition of the Sustainable Foods Summit ( drew to a successful close last week, with many participants calling for greater transparency and accountability from the food industry. Organized by Organic … Continue reading San Francisco Sustainable Foods Summit Calls For Greater Transparency