As a Thank You we’re giving you a Holiday Bonus Perk

We’re optimistic that we’ll reach our film production fundraising goal for Wine & Climate Change, but we can’t do it without people like you.  Word-of-mouth and shared links have really helped and we truly appreciate your support. AS A SPECIAL HOLIDAY GIFT, WE’VE ADDED THE BONUS PERK OF A 3-DAY 2-NIGHT VACATION IN CHAMPAGNE, … Continue reading As a Thank You we’re giving you a Holiday Bonus Perk

Cognac For ♥ Valentine’s Day

by Paige Donner

Cognac for the most important ♥ holiday of the year!? Yes! And not just for your fella, but for your Lady (love) as well. 

Scenes from Cognac

 all photos by and c. Paige Donner 2012 

Click Here for Slideshow Hennessy, Courvoisier, Remy Martin and Paul Giraud (in that order)

Women love things that are smooth, warm, that glide just the right way and yet still have that appropriate touch of femininity. You might think that I’m describing lovely lingerie. But, No! I’m talking about cognac. That’s right!  Cognac can be YOUR dreamy passport to love and pleasure this Valentine’s Day!

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Winemakers Cup 2011!!!

Oliver, B.C. The organizers of the Winemakers Cup announced today additional details for the fourth annual festival. The Winemakers Cup Ski Race is the World’s only annual ski challenge weekend for the wine industry and it takes place for the benefit of industry networking, peer camaraderie and palate appreciation. The fourth annual weekend of festivities takes place March 25 … Continue reading Winemakers Cup 2011!!!

Follow Your Passion

Giving and Sharing It’s that time of year again – yep…it’s Christmas time. The season for giving and sharing. Last year Passaggio Wines gave 10% of their December sales to their local shelter G.R.I.P. G.R.I.P.’s focus is on three core initiatives: make the transition to self-sufficiency. The mission of the Greater Richmond Interfaith Program providing food, shelter … Continue reading Follow Your Passion