Lanson Black Label – preview

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This is one of the best videos I’ve yet seen released by a champagne house.

It’s by Lanson and it previews their Black Label cuvée. It also introduces their new cellar master. It’s brief and to the point. Every bit worth watching.


Lanson  Black Label  The ChampagneLanson Black Label – The Champagne

Lanson Champagne - Black Label Lanson Champagne – Black Label

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MSNBC’s First-Ever Food Correspondent, Chef Tom Colicchio

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Tom Colicchio, celebrity chef and founder of Food Policy Action says, “We’re going to send a clear message to Congress that we’re organized, we’re viable, we’re strong, and yes we have a food movement and it’s coming for you.”

Blog MashUp by Paige Donner

Colicchio announced recently that he will be MSNBC’s first-ever food correspondent. He will also host his own weekly show, “Stirring the Pot,” on MSNBC’s new online channel Shift this spring.

A few weeks ago, he joined Senators Barbara Boxer and Richard Blumenthal and Representative Peter DeFazio as they reintroduced a genetic engineering food labeling bill.

Chef Tom Colicchio Chef Tom Colicchio

Chef Tom Colicchio may be best known as the head judge on Bravo’s “Top Chef,” owner of a chain of restaurants and host of the new show, “Best New Restaurant.” But the renowned chef is also dedicated to food policy reform. He co-founded Food Policy Action in 2012 to educate the public…

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Champagne – Beyond The Bubbles… And Over The Rainbow

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Rainbows are visions

They’re only illusions

Rainbows have nothing to hide …

From, The Rainbow Connection

Beyond Bubbles : The Essence of Champagne

by Paige Donner

I have never seen so many rainbows as I see when I’m in Champagne. Not even in Hawai’i, that tropical paradise, do rainbows make such frequent appearance.

When the heavens open up like that, displaying this seemingly magical burst of color in the otherwise cold, and very often gray, Champenois landscape, it inspires contemplation.

A rainbow over the Champagne vineyards of Avenay. As seen from the train window during harvest 2014. Photo copyright Paige Donner. A rainbow over the Champagne vineyards of Avenay. As seen from the train window during harvest 2014.     Photo copyright Paige Donner.

So with my frequent sightings of these Champagne rainbows – even, often, double rainbows – my mind has delved into the question, what correlation exists between the magic of rainbows, a phenomenon inspired and derived solely from nature, and champagne ?

The locals, the Champenois, recount the tale of…

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Valentine’s Day Incites Passion For…Chocolate!


This chocolate bonbon recipe comes courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu, the wonderful cooking school in Paris that once welcomed even Julia Child.

Happy Valentine's Day - photo courtesy Le Cordon Bleu

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by Paige Donner

This Valentine’s Day why not indulge in a bit of self-love?  Yes, I mean CHOCOLATE!

The good thing about eating chocolate is that it’s actually included in the grouping of Nature’s Super Foods.

Gotta love nature!

If you happen to be in Paris, you can pick up some fancy sweet chocolate treats at the most gourmet of gourmet shops that Parisians like to keep all to themselves: Méert.

These photo below are just a couple of examples of what you can find there.

Méert Valentine's Day Gift Box - Chocolate! Méert Valentine’s Day Gift Box – Chocolate!

Méert_entremetstval Méert Valentine’s Day Gift Box – Chocolate!

This sweet treat is the specialty on offer at the picturesque, lovely, and very traditional Café de la Paix, just in the shadows of the Palais Garnier, the Opéra de Paris.

©T.CARON- Café de la Paix Saint Valentin ©T.CARON- Café de la Paix Saint Valentin

And if you read French (or use an…

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Paris GOODfood+wine Episode 1


Listen to the program on World Radio Paris

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Paris GOODfood+wine airing on World Radio Paris Paris GOODfood+wine airing on World Radio Paris

by Paige Donner

The first episode of Paris GOODfood+wine was aired, as scheduled, on January 11th. What could never have been foreseen is the tragedy that happened just days prior, the Charlie Hebdo massacre, that left a dozen people, most of them journalists, dead.

This inaugural episode of Paris GOODfood+wine is dedicated to their memory and to their courage in staying true to and living by their guiding principles of freedom of speech and Liberté.

The first episode of Paris GOODfood+wine aired on January 11th on World Radio Paris. It’s dedicated to the Charlie Hebdo journalists. #JeSuisCharlie

You can catch the episode on replay by clicking here on World Radio Paris and pushing play where you see the program Paris GOODfood+wine listed.

This program is the first of its kind for Paris. Meaning, it is the first long-format radio show broadcast in…

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Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC – The Other Sweet French Wine


Sweet wine from France made from mature grapes. Read more on Chérie du Vin…

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by Paige Donner

The World of Wine has endless gems in store for you to discover. That is what’s so riveting about continuing along the path of wine exploration. Just when you think you’ve come across most of France’s highlights, there are still more yet awaiting your discovery.

pacherenc du vic bilh vineyards pacherenc du vic bilh vineyards

Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh is one of these wines. In a culture that tends to evoke the wines of Sauternes and Barsac when discussing sweet wines, this is a lovely discovery that comes from a different region in France, the Southwest. AOC Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh is just 40 km from Pau and in fact faces the Pyrénées.

The real difference of this sweet wine is not the time of its harvest, as it’s harvested late in the year, from mid-November up until mid-December, similar to other sweet wines and much like the famous German and Canadian ice wines…

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Montmartre Museum, Renoir and Champagne

by Paige Donner

Wine and food pairings. A natural. Wine and music pairings. Love the original inspiration of this since a few years back.

Wine and Renoir pairings?

This was the theme of a recent champagne tasting in Paris held at the picturesque Musée Montmartre’s Jardins Renoir or Montmartre Museum’s Renoir Gardens which overlook the Clos Montmartre in the shadow of the Sacré-Coeur.

A more idyllic location in Paris on a sunny early Autumn evening could not be imagined.

All photos copyright 2014 Paige Donner All Rights Reserved And there was method to this artistic madness… A group of champagne houses from the Aube region, around the village of Essoyes, to be exact, banded together to show off their champagnes and display them with the particular Renoir painting they felt paired the best with their chosen cuvée. The historical reference is that Renoir lived in Essoyes with his wife and children during the summer months starting in 1895. There is now a foundation established to restore this heritage house where Renoir kept an atelier on the ground floor, overlooking the garden. Today the village welcomes art enthusiasts and Renoir-lovers in its L’Espace des Renoir et l’Atelier du peintre. They have fondly named this area the Côté des Renoir.  The participating champagnes located in and around the Côté des Renoir are Champagne de Barfontarc, Champagne Jacques de France, Champagne Drappier, Champagne R. Dumont & Fils, Champagne Rémy Massin & Fils, Champagne Thierry Mercuzot, Champagne Richardot, Champagne Cristian Senez, Champagne Charles Collin and Champagne Chassenay d’Arce. More information, including photos of the paintings each house chose to represent their champagne, can be found at

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